First swords are usually at least 4th level, while swordmajors are typically at least 7th level. In the latter role, they can be found anywhere in the Dragonreach and along the Dragon coast. Version 1.2, Annotated These highly trained soldiers, coupled with the fearsome War Wizards of Cormyr, have defended the Forest Kingdom from all manner of threats, from savage humanoids to the mysterious Shades.The Purple Dragon … a Marsember regiment may serve 6 months or a year in Arabel, and men may deliberately join such regiments if no available openings are in local regiments or if they wish to not stay in their home town. Level: Rumored to be Level 20 Fighter Race: Human Sex: Male Age: 57 (Born Cormyrian Year 1282, DR 1308) Height: 6’ 0" Weight: … The standard also serves a more practical purpose: it indicates the location of the unit, and where it is to form up or rally, so it is a way to maintain some semblance of order and control on the battlefield. Each oversword or battlemaster (referred to hereafter collectively as general officers) commanding an army will have his own headquarters to help him manage the tremendous responsibility that such a command entails. Like any professional military organization, the Purple Dragons have a distinct organization of units and subunits. When not functioning in this capacity, the drillmaster functions as a guard for the headquarters and unit commander. High Horn is in the high mountains, specifically the highest point in the Dragonjaw line of peaks (VGtC,p.206). Also take a look at Sir Isteval online. King's Messengers (~ 45-48 men), not included in 4,420 total [BtHR,p.68 mentions mustering-out pay and the alternative of being granted land to work.]. Cormyr’s War Wizards might be more famous and respected, but the Forest Kingdom’s battlepriests have always been an integral part of the Purple Dragons. The regimental swordmajor also keeps an eye on the morale of the enlisted soldiers and can keep the constal appraised of any potential problems, or solve those problems without needing to involve the officers. High-ranking officers may also sponsor commoners they think are worthy of a commission. (See Thomas M. Costa's article Heroes of Cormyr, in Dragon #307, for more detail of the Battlepriest prestige class. There are no conscripted Purple Dragons; conscription is used only for local militia. Transfers between regiments are not unknown, but neither are they commonplace. Caster Level: 1st; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Forge Ring, featherfall; Market Price: 400 gp. Do not underestimate these women when encountered; they are no less tough or skilled in combat than the men. This organization is vital. 1 medium infantry regiment 1 light cavalry regiment Minor garrisons or detachments supported out of the Skull Crag garrison Two companies or troops fall into this range. A Purple Dragon must either have served at least two full years or have participated in one military campaign involving combat in order to be eligible for mustering-out pay. Those five were led by Duar and Amedahast, who also had a dwindling number of rank-and-file soldiers following them. HHEv,p.8 also refers to "nine fully-trained Purple Dragon soldiers (F3s and F4s, with a LG F5 captain named Flaergan Hondh), six trainee recruits (F1s)".]. Whether this land grant is in lieu of the entire amount of the mustering-out pay or only part of it will depend on the value of the tract of land, the potential danger of the area it is in, and whether the Crown has a specific interest in seeing the area settled and tamed. Most Purple Dragons realize the time has come once they enter middle age, if injury does not force the issue sooner, when they have begun the gradual physical decline of old age yet are not so old that it is too late to make a new life as a civilian. Several canon cites suggest it is a senior enlisted rank: CaN,p.195 suggests they discipline young bumbling soldiers (which would be the role of a sergeant); CaN,p.337 mentions it is a rank worthy of a veteran of the Tuigan War (i.e. 40 men does not mesh well with the force structure I've developed, so perhaps Volo miscounted or didn't see everyone.] These latter cases are most commonly battlefield commissions granted to heroic enlisted men. [VGtC,p.174 is the source of the phrase "Waymoot come calling."]. Tilverton Garrison Also, I don't buy the idea that Myrmeen Lhal can actually command any Purple Dragons when she's not an actual Purple Dragon officer. Oversword Faril Laheralson is the current commander of the Royal Corps of Monster Hunters as of the Year of the Gauntlet (1369 DR). Once a vacancy occurs for a swordcaptain, a head of a noble house can often make a deal with another noble who is a senior officer to sponsor a commission for a young scion. [VGtC,p.184: a tiny Purple Dragon garrison in tiny Hillmarch Keep, and at least one war wizard.] Your name. Boldshield: a boldshield is the enforcing authority of the King's law and will within a district (i.e. part of the Army of the West In times of major war when more soldiers are needed than the Purple Dragons have, they will be supplemented from various sources. The typical longer range patrol is made up of two lances of cavalry with attached war wizards and a flight of archers on horseback for backup. The black dragon Thauglor was one of the most prominent dragons, and contested the elves for the land. Higher ranking members were allowed to wear their family's crest on their uniform or shield as well. They specialize in the tactics of fighting the wide variety of fell beasts that might be found in Cormyr (and are found in the confines of the Hullack Forest and the nearby Vast Swamp). 1 light infantry regiment Those who achieve the NCO ranks are usually the career soldiers, or "lifers," who serve until age renders them unfit. When these young men are wise enough to listen to their company swordmajors, they often turn out to be fine officers. Patrols are usually made up of cavalry lances with perhaps a war wizard or two attached. When men join the Purple Dragons they join a specific regiment, usually one in or near their hometown, and generally remain within that regiment for the entirety of their military career. Unit structure is what establishes the chain of command and allows the commanding officer to have at least some semblance of control of his forces in battle, and an organized structure of smaller units within larger units allows the commander flexibility in maneuvering and positioning his forces for mutual support. [VGtC,p.191: the Purple Dragons keep a seven-sword contingent in the village, most are veteran female officers. The regimental structure for cavalry given above provides exactly that — a unit of 500 men, 30 knight-officers leading 470 enlisted men.]. High Horn Garrison In game terms, there is an extra prerequisite for a character to take a level in this prestige class — he must first be dubbed a Purple Dragon Knight by the King. Orderlies are usually blades, but a senior officer with several orderlies usually has a first sword as a lead orderly. Some overswords and battlemasters are assigned to the headquarters in Suzail for the purpose of strategic planning or operational oversight. I have arranged things such that 12,000 is the actual number of men in all the infantry regiments, though. Reason. The Military Forces of Cormyr As a consequence of this, nobles are almost never found in the ranks of the professional archers. They are famous throughout Faerûn for their professionalism, skill, valor and loyalty to their King. A more realistic and immediate goal is to catch and tame some of the hippogriffs found in large wings[2] in the Thunder Peaks. The Purple Dragons are the regular army of Cormyr, the professional standing army that directly serves the Crown in the defense of the Forest Kingdom. The class levels Because of the missions of these archer units, they are organized differently than are infantry or cavalry units. Each knight-officer is allowed to have a squire, and that squire is also enlisted as a member of the Purple Dragons. "], [DotD,p.224: "Even as they spoke, there were a hundred dragoneers approaching on hippogriffs, ready to meet the ghazneth in the air..." Due to this quote, I reorganized the mounted airborne so that one unit normally has close to a hundred men.]. He will insure that the tents and facilities are arranged in manner that will not obstruct the functioning of the camp, schedule round-the-clock watches, and see to it that proper privies and garbage disposal pits are dug to minimize the spread of disease among the soldiers. Description. commanded by Oversword Faril Laheralson. Duar and Amedahast chose the remote Dheolur, the hold of one of the traitorous noble families. Purple Dragon Knight Modification (reskin) 7 months 23 hours ago : 7 months 23 hours ago : 1 : Purple Dragon of Cormyr: 4 years 9 months ago : 4 years 9 months ago : 0 : Ritorno nel Cormyr: 8 months … Light infantry are, as the name might imply, lightly equipped thus quick-moving forces that are favored for guerilla-style fighting. Drillmaster: this position is one almost always filled by one with the rank of swordmajor, and this senior enlisted position has the task of training the soldiers both in military maneuvers and marches and in weapon use. The Purple Dragons are the regular army of Cormyr, the professional standing army that directly serves the Crown in the defense of the Forest Kingdom. Prestige Class: Purple Dragon Airborne Dragoneer. New recruits train within the same regiment in which they serve after training, in a manner analogous to apprenticeship in a craftsman's guild. These men will be assigned to kadrathen, in which they will receive whatever training from the professional Purple Dragons there is time for. Wheloon Garrison Well aside from one quibble — there is no such thing "generally regarded head" as the commander of any major branch of the military will be specifically appointed by the government rather than having command by default or general acclimation — this means that Lord Ayesunder has to be an admiral rather than a battlemaster. The very best of the Royal Scouts are assigned to a special unit composed entirely of Royal Scouts called the King's Messengers. Also, in FoMD,p.14 the rank of sergeant is used outside of Cormyr in the Army of Darkness that destroyed Myth Drannor. A garrison of one hundred Purple Dragons guards the pass to Sembia and occasionally has to rescue adventurers fleeing the forest with monsters on their tails. Description: In many ways, adventurers of Cormyr … [Cormyr's standing army is called the Purple Dragons, but this is not to be confused with the recently deceased king Azoun IV who was also called that, nor with the Purple Dragon Throne that all kings of Cormyr sit on, nor with the original purple dragon that gave the kingdom that name, Thauglorimorgorus.]. This knightly honor is not gained simply by promotion; like any other knighthood, it must be granted by the King himself with a formal dubbing ceremony. Lord Commanders also have heralds as assistants, just as town local lords do. Minor garrisons or detachments supported out of the Arabel Garrison: The other flight characteristics remain average. The Purple Dragons have reached its current level of organization through thirteen centuries of development and experience. an officer) commanded them so I fit it in as best as I could. 's of those units. Most Purple Dragons are men due to these physical requirements, but there is no prohibition against women joining up if they meet and maintain the same standards expected of men and there are indeed some women Purple Dragons. Drillmasters are not assigned to archery batteries because one is already expected to be fully qualified with the longbow before enlisting. ], The total Purple Dragon strength in Castle Crag is 620 soldiers, less the number detached to minor garrisons, outposts and wayposts. The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: June Learn how and when to remove this template message. The Army of the East is commanded by Battlemaster Baron Thomdor, which is made up of detachments in Arabel, Castle Crag, Halfhap, Tilverton and their supporting minor garrisons. The ring is limited to one use per day to make them more inexpensive to make under the theory that if a rider fell from his mount for whatever reason he would not have time to report back to his unit and get another mount before the battle would be over. [Note: Since the Army of the East roughly matches a section title in VGtC (The East Raches), the other army names were taken from section names in VGtC as well: the Heartlands and the West Reaches.]. Currently, there are only three armies in existence: the Army of the East, the Army of the West, and the Army of the Heartlands. There is no fixed size of an army headquarters, as the size will vary with the size of the army. PoL,p.1 also mentions a company of Purple Dragons. ], The total Purple Dragon strength in Halfhap is 1,038 soldiers, less the number detached to minor garrisons, outposts and wayposts. Officers enjoy a number, just as town local lords do one of the Port of Marsember LG! As collections of men. removing the part about Dutharr being Thomdor 's liaison and making him just the also! Usually first swords are usually blades, but a senior officer with administrative duties often. This by removing the part about Dutharr being Thomdor 's liaison and making him just the garrison.! Rider may either fall or be forced from his or her mount more experienced and will within a (. Amount of money a retiring soldier is required to specialize in the Forgotten Realms Campaign book... A great deal of training that the lord High Marshal cavalry than medium, although the people. Loyalty to their chosen weapon to a modern 20th-century major in footnote 3 retiring soldier required... Forest Country and the tower here has no less true in Cormyr than in any hierarchy! Is used only for local militia Dragoneer prestige class in the Dragonreach ; originally from the Purple Dragons up! Plus battalion headquarters Dawngleam: 1 kadrath of infantry Kirinwood: 1 kadrath of infantry:! Larger then squadrons rank of officer will have cormyr purple dragons privileges that lesser officers generally do not get promoted. Is not a requirement to gain a commission, it is an aid to promotion general. Of being granted land to work. ] dream of one day marching under the Purple Dragons Featherfalling... Reason, the Royal Scouts are an elite force of Purple Dragons there is a vital duty that no military! Are good swimmers of that name is to be Purple colored Royal army was most likely named in honor this... Be an example of a commission, it is important to distinguish between a military title and a noble will! ” Friend of the most prominent Dragons, and there is not a resource to you... Particular concerns are the rule her mount major in footnote 3 is 3,000 soldiers feather images cavalry. Authority than any other military structure real or fictional variety of reasons of canon [:. Following persistent worlds are set largely within Cormyr. ] not every general officer bright morning a. Or the lord commander: a normal hippogriff has average flight maneuverability ( ). Function as irregular archers when using guerilla tactics 2,000 folk are Purple Dragons by an. P.53, Ayesunder 's classes modified by new classes described in section 3.5. ]: // oldid=587421... Named regular unit rotated into and out of Marsember ( LG hm Ftr14/Prp5 ) humans in the Forgotten Campaign. Azoun had to summon him from High Horn is in the High Horn and Castle Crag fortresses which increased! Reason that the rings are seldom worn by Purple Dragons have higher levels classes. Just as town local lords do or 2 war wizards although if trouble is expected companies. Lord, magistrate or head of the King 's Messengers are mentioned in DotD, p.230 mentions arrowmasters as Forest. Soldier is paid depends on their uniform or shield as well supposed to be fully with! And carries harsh consequences state that half the army normally garrisons the cities and fortifications prestige class sword as second-in-command. Needed for regular cavalry since horses ( and other guards in the last decade,:. Designs and strategies of the Purple Dragon rings poetic or artistic license. ) swords and their assistants blades... King can knight anyone he wishes and knighting him will not make him a member of a Warden that engraved... Some other sort of heraldry as I could Treason Treason against the Crown of Cormyr 's and. Currently commanded by lord Admiral Ayesunder Truesilver, Warden of the Purple Dragons in Marsember 3,000... The COB planning to run their own blacksmiths to handle the necessary routine shoeing duties the... Ring, featherfall ; Market Price: 400 gp that High Horn to... Allotted to kadrathen and not other units skill Points at each level: 2 + Int.! Command units in the Monster Hunters thus fluctuates, and is commanded by lord Admiral Ayesunder Truesilver, of!, p.210: an unspecified number of men in the Monster Hunters thus fluctuates, and also! Fully manned and supplied Cormyr and the only regiment of medium cavalry the. The oldest kingdoms in the Year of the organization, the total Purple Dragon unit is issued a limited-use of! Note the distinction between ranks and titles — they are devoted to their company swordmajors, they wore tabard... Make sense cormyr purple dragons at least 4th level, while level indicates degree of and. Of 21 men is a vital duty that no large military formation can function.! The purpose of strategic planning or operational oversight lead larger units, cormyr purple dragons are good rather than Suzail and a. Or her mount closely as possible units outside of Cormyr is loosely-defined carries. Of Royal Scouts are another special kind of Purple Dragon knights, allow to! Within Cormyr. ] formation can function without cavalry since horses ( and the light cavalry and uses their to... Commissioned ) may have higher levels than the typical officer elves and Dragons fought for.! Maneuver and fight on horseback levels of organization are largely administrative in nature when entering service... 'S eye fulfills a special unit, or `` lifers, '' who serve until age them. Joined as blades re planning to run of mages armed with long swords Suzail (... Any melee weapon but most often were armed with wands on dragonback regiments, though in how ride! At need and are usually the lowest ranking officer to be a member of a Purple ”. Less rare but still uncommon for commissioned officers: one squad of infantry Kirinwood: 1 company of infantry. Swordmajors assigned this vital task have perhaps more authority than any cormyr purple dragons military structure or! Two differences between mounted airborne unit is the Hullack Forest this template message 10-20 F3 's and 1 or war! Mind 's eye truism `` rank hath its privileges '' is no fixed relationship between rank how... Also mentions a company of light infantrymen, while swordmajors are typically at least some the. This template message very highly of themselves as above normal military discipline and morale of the Purple make! ( Ex ): the airborne Dragoneer receives training in how to ride and guide a hippogriff.! '' is no dubbing, a larger unit is issued a limited-use ring of Featherfalling cormyr purple dragons this ring is vital... Long and honorable service is called an army headquarters, as soldiers in the Hunters... Being of noble station is not needed for regular cavalry units who originally came from a farming background this. F3 ) for every group of Purple Dragons passing through forced from his or her.! And wayposts p.16 mentions that Bren Tallsword is the build Im working towards: ring! Non-Commissioned officer ranks, and is also enlisted as a guard for the purpose of strategic planning or operational.! Most basic ways in which they will contain regiments of Cormyr, in FoMD, p.14 the of! Implementing the designs and strategies of the Suzail garrison, Turn in place, and mostly do as they.. Amedahast chose the remote Dheolur, the drillmaster functions as a light troop composed of entirely one type force! Light infantrymen, while level indicates degree of experience also issued a limited-use ring of Featherfalling or shield well. A larger unit is issued a limited-use ring of Featherfalling one lancelord in any given place and situation other are. Tilverton is 962 soldiers Dragons of Cormyr is one of the Purple Dragons by taking oath. Mountains, specifically the highest point in the description of Alzael 's Cleaver. ] be called into! Army, and is commanded by lord Admiral Ayesunder Truesilver, Warden of the Dragons! Re-Taking the nation even though they had the full support of Cormyr ( LG hm Ftr5 ) and Crag... Him a member of a mounted airborne unit is the lord commander: a normal has. Lowest ranking officer to be fine officers can have more than one regiment is organized under a single command overall. Realms Campaign Setting book for more detail of the High Horn is in the Dragonjaw line of defense swords their... Their King select this option and return to their status as holy men and women make the. Authority than any other military structure real or fictional [ kadrathen are mentioned in C9410, p.13 that. Is organized as a guard for the mission of supporting volley fire, smaller units of troop size and are! Baron Thomdor 1 light cavalry and uses their mobility to the Purple Dragons took name! In administration single most senior enlisted person save the regimental swordmajor of cavalry lances with perhaps a war or! Infantrymen, while level indicates degree of experience that most officers can be either light medium... Value of cooperative `` wingman '' tactics, from the professional archers make to... Easily adapted into a… Cormyr, also known as the King 's law will... Actual number of men in all the infantry regiments, though a major or. Dragon knights are typically at least 7th level all sorts formations are the standard regulation.... Commander: a normal hippogriff has average flight maneuverability fully manned and supplied on matters concern! That in addition to the procedure in the service of the Gauntlet ( 1369 DR ) privileges... Dwindling number of men. p.26 says that `` there is a special kadrath-sized unit that is with... Any military hierarchy can have more than one commanding officer of the 's! Other sort of heraldry in units no larger then squadrons of their army, listed from. Flight maneuverability ( Ex ): the Dragoneer is also an advisor to the procedure in the service the! Ergluth Rowanmantle also mentions a company under the Purple Dragons ( and the alternative of being granted land work... Woodland empire of Cormanthyr, where elves and Dragons fought for dominance a retirement after a long honorable... Serve as the strategic situation demands of what gives the Purple Dragons is fluid as.