Several written submissions suggested that flex work can play a potentially transformative role in Canadian society by encouraging men to play a greater role in caregiving. It remains valid until the earlier of: the termination of the compressed work week arrangement, or As an employee, you may exercise your right to request a flexible work arrangement under the Code. as simple and straightforward as possible; clear about the conditions under which a request can be made (and the reasons for which a request can be denied); read in light of collective agreements and other labour legislation. While not a representative sample, responses to the 34 multiple-choice and open-ended questions provided unique insight into how Canadians view flex work and the experiences they have had with it. Their voices have been heard and will provide a strong foundation for developing evidence-based policy that will help Canadians better balance the demands of paid work and their family and other personal responsibilities outside of work. Then pick an arrangement accordingly: 1. health, pensions) and that this can result in employees not taking advantage of opportunities for more flexibility, even if they or their family would benefit. I also asked to have my lunch hours consolidated every [two] weeks in order to be with him when he was at the chemo unit, which took most of the day.”. This section reports on what was heard during the consultations about the use, benefits and challenges of flex work. Too much discretion is often left in the hands of individual managers who lack training and tools to consider requests for—or to propose—flexible work arrangements. Canada Revenue Agency (16) Canadian Heritage (17) Government of Alberta (190) Government of British Columbia (197) All of these approaches establish a statutory right to request and share similar principles, but vary to some degree on certain aspects such as entitlement, information requirements, the process for handling requests and grounds for refusing a request and recourse. Hours of work averaging arrangements. Of all the challenges discussed during the consultations, workplace practices and culture generated perhaps the most interest and the strongest views. F. lex-time is a flexible work arrangement whereby employees’ Flexible work arrangements : what was heard. Flexible work arrangements allow employees to alter, on a temporary or permanent basis, their work schedule, the number of hours they work or the location where they do their work, or to take leave from work to meet responsibilities outside of work. Sixty-two stakeholders participated in the regional and national roundtables. Comments received from all participants gave us a broad and rich perspective on flex work. Note: for the purpose of this web page, reference to “employee(s)” also includes persons that are often referred to as “interns”. workers with care responsibilities, millennial and older workers and workers with disabilities) and that realizing these benefits requires not seeing flexible working as a one-size-fits-all solution. The survey asked questions about what types of flex work Canadians have access to or would like to have access to and why; their experience of requesting flexible work arrangements; and their views on the tools and steps that would be required to effectively implement a right to request flexible work under the Canada Labour Code. The relationship between recourse mechanisms related to flex work and recourse mechanisms available under the existing federal human rights regime generated much debate. Employees are also more likely to avail themselves of an opportunity to request a preferred work arrangement if they know they have a statutory right to do so, and employer reprisals for exercising this right are unlawful.”, “FETCO agrees that flexible work arrangements provide an opportunity for employees to enhance work-life balance, if used appropriately. Canadians and stakeholders alike indicated in the online survey, at the roundtables and in their written submissions that flexible work arrangements are available in many workplaces across Canada through employer human resource policies, informal workplace practices and collective agreements. “My current manager does not believe that telework or [a] compressed schedule lead to excellence in service. . Large print, braille, audio cassette, audio CD, e-text diskette, e-text CD and DAISY are available on demand. For some employees, flexible work arrangements offer opportunities to work a flexible schedule before they fully retire. A number of respondents said that they were able to reorganize the types of leaves available to them to accommodate their needs for flexibility. Respondents with children under the age of 18 living in their household: Respondents who have asked their employer(s) for flexible work arrangements in the past five years. Stakeholders noted that flexible work arrangements may be especially challenging to implement in sectors with 24/7 or continuous operations, such as aviation, rail and trucking, and in small and medium-sized enterprises, where resources to accommodate flexibility are often very limited. Joe Nunes: “In its budget, the federal government announced it would give federally regulated workers the right to request flexible work arrangements, such as … Then pick an arrangement accordingly: 1. Advocacy groups, labour organizations and unions argued that employers should be required to give reasonable consideration to a flex work request and provide a written response within a reasonable timeframe that indicates approval, rejection or acceptance with conditions or amendments. What is it? Working with patients to bring the right to request flexible work arrangements to Canada. The world of work is rapidly changing with the fourth industrial revolution, characterized by a range of new technologies, the Internet of things and cloud computing. While less common, some survey respondents reported that their workplaces offered flexible hours, such as job sharing and part-time work. Whether the implementation of flexible work arrangements has resulted in reduced expenditure; 3. inability to reorganize work among existing staff; detrimental effects on the ability to meet customer demand; insufficiency of work during the periods the employee proposes to work; and. Survey respondents and stakeholders recognized that flex work is—and should be—part of today’s workplace reality. Flexible work arrangements will not increase any salary, benefit or net operating cost or defer or accrue any salary or benefit obligation. Over the coming months, the Government plans to move forward on its pledge to amend Part III of the Canada Labour Code to give workers in federally regulated sectors the right to request flexible work arrangements and explore other ways to help them better manage their work and personal lives. Dentons 0 Liked this Article. The impact of flexible work arrangements can also reach beyond the benefits derived by the organization and contribute to the development of a sustainable society. “Both the employee and the employer need to be able to sit down and have a discussion as to how the arrangement would work. Advocacy groups noted that changes in work schedules, hours and location, including moving to part-time work, can have negative impacts on employees’ pay and/or benefits (e.g. Employees may choose a different work schedule to meet personal or family needs. I would like to thank everyone who participated for contributing to the development of new, evidence-based labour policy that will make a difference to Canadians who are looking for ways to balance work, family, and other priorities. You must also ensure your request meets the criteria mentioned in the section right to request flexible work arrangements. flexible work requests for changes to the employee’s: the requested change would result in additional costs that would be a burden on the employer. Employer organizations argued that employers should be allowed to modify or cancel a flexible work arrangement that is in place. By carefully considering what fits your corporate culture, operational needs and employee desires, flexibility can be a boon for … Similarly, it was recommended that provincial and territorial governments be consulted on flexible work practices in their respective jurisdictions. The Honourable MaryAnn Mihychuk Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour. The Code provides other rights and protections that help employees achieve work life balance, such as: Rights and protections in support of work life balance can benefit both employees and employers by: As an employee, you may exercise your right to request a flexible work arrangement under the Code. While stakeholders and survey respondents generally agreed on the importance of formalizing the process for making a request for flex work, there was less agreement on how formalized the process should be. When it came to employers in the government, health, technology and pharmaceutical and chemical products sectors, all respondents offer at least one … They pointed to the wide range of flexibilities currently being provided and used, both formally and informally, and the provisions that already exist under the Code and the Canadian Human Rights Act to ensure that employees are accommodated when circumstances warrant flexibility. Survey respondents and stakeholders agreed that there are challenges associated with enhancing flexibility in work arrangements and that, in some cases, they can be significant. In fact, senior management believes that being in corporate services means that you must be here [five] days a week as it should not be a burden to clients when we are off of work and they should be able to contact us anytime they need it.”, “I've seen many employers who claimed to offer flexible hours, but either refused to honour the commitment, or let people go who requested it.”, “I asked for consistent scheduling to the extent possible in order to take night classes at University. Many stakeholders, academics and survey respondents contended that, beyond changing workplace policies and practices, education and training—for both employers and employees—must be a priority in catalyzing cultural change. . Canadian Association of Counsel to Employers, Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Federally Regulated Employers – Transportation and Communications, Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, Association des proches aidants de la Capitale-Nationale, Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Confédération des organismes familiaux du Québec, Arla Day, CN Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, St. Mary’s University. There was no consensus on how formal the process for making a request should be, nor on a few specific features of the process. Survey respondents noted that employees should be at least able to challenge a decision on procedural grounds. The Canada Labour Code (Code) provides rights and protections for employees working in federally regulated workplaces. The consultations underscored that Canadians see being able to spend more, higher quality time with their families as one of the most important benefits of flex work. of Work Policy. It was noted that research shows that requests are more likely to lead to mutually beneficial outcomes if they involve developing a joint work plan detailing how the new arrangement will work. This means they need a job to ensure they have the ability to buy those necessities. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated since I don't find something that's really discussed a lot. . by Daniel Yereniuk. Document Contents > Flex-time Guidelines > Flex-time Questions and Answers. There was broad recognition during the consultations that a right to request flex work is not a right to work flexibly and that there are legitimate business reasons for which an employer should be permitted to turn down a request. Note that the total of percentages for all four answers does not equal 100% since participants could select more than one answer. Flex time is an arrangement where employees work a full day but they can vary their working hours. Flexible work arrangements are changes to an employee’s terms and conditions of employment. They said that, in many cases, the policies and procedures that are in place today do not yet reflect the reality of flex work and will need to be updated. Labour organizations and many survey respondents argued that because a right is a right (and is not contingent on an employee demonstrating worthiness in the eyes of the employer) and the need for flexibility is often unpredictable, there should be no restrictions on when an employee can exercise their right to request. They also stressed that it is already playing an important role in attracting and retaining good employees and fostering workplace diversity. Employers and employer associations, in particular, highlighted the advantages of current practices where employees can directly approach their manager with a request for flexibility in the short term and receive an immediate response without a need to document the discussion, inform human resources or implement other procedures. Footnote 2. Flexible work arrangements, such as the ability to work from home, will benefit women, the 2017 federal budget promises. determining whether introducing a right to request calls for other key enforcement mechanisms. There was a general sense from survey respondents and stakeholders that, despite progress having been made in recent years, organizational norms in many workplace cultures remain biased against flex work and there is still often a stigma attached to asking for flexible work arrangements or a fear of formal or informal reprisal (e.g. This study documents the different types of flexi-work arrangements that are currently being adopted by corporations around the world including Singapore, and showcases Survey respondents tended to agree that the employer should have an obligation to respond in a reasonable timeframe, but some noted that the timeframe should be dependent on the type of request (emergency or short-term versus long-term request) or the industry. Following your request, you are protected from reprisals (for example, termination, demotion). By carefully considering what fits your corporate culture, operational needs and employee desires, flexibility can be a boon for … The Government of Canada's Blueprint 2020 initiative also promotes finding new and better ways for public servants to work. “The issue is putting this [right to request] in place while communicating the positive aspects and ensuring that employers see how this will benefit them in the long run, instead of creating an undue burden on employers, which would result in some fractious situations in the workplace.”, “Establish a reporting mechanism for employees to submit information when an employee's right has been denied and a penalty for employers who do not comply. Flexible Work Arrangements: Transforming the Way Canadians Work is based on a survey of 324 Canadian employers conducted by The Conference Board of Canada in June 2017. Employees can return to regular times of work by providing at least one week of notice to their employer. For these individuals, flexible work arrangements are important means to manage their symptoms, be more productive at work and maintain their quality of life. According to Employment and Social Development Canada (“ESDC”), flexible work arrangements would help Canadians balance work and family or other personal responsibilities. Right to request flexible work arrangements, Making a flexible work arrangement request, right to request flexible work arrangements, Questions and answers related to flexible work arrangements, the location of work, such as working from home or a satellite location, the scheduling of work hours, such as modified work schedules or split work shifts, the number of work hours, such as part time, job shares, reduced hours, the types of compensation, such as allowances for working from home or for daycare fees during overtime. A number of employers, employer organizations and unions emphasized that flexible work arrangements pose special challenges for workplaces in the North. A flexible work arrangement can include changes that allows you more flexibility to balance work and home life. Labour organizations and survey respondents said that they should not and cited privacy concerns. One of the strongest messages heard during the consultations, from survey respondents, labour and employer organizations, academics, advocacy groups and others, was that establishing a legal right to request will not on its own enhance flexibility for workers; complementary shifts in workplace culture are also required. collective agreements, which traditionally offer flex work or favourable work schedules based on seniority, rather than, say, when an employee makes a request or what type of flexibility they are seeking; certain provisions in the Code pertaining to overtime, which may be too restrictive from the standpoint of employers and/or employees; Code provisions regarding the employer’s responsibility to ensure that work locations meet health and safety requirements, which may not be adequate for remote locations, such as an employee’s home; and. There was general agreement among stakeholders and survey respondents that employers should be required to give due consideration to all requests for flex work that are submitted in writing and to respond to them within a set timeframe, also in writing. Government to roll out new measures to help companies adopt flexible work arrangements People walk along Raffles Place business district in Singapore on September 5, 2018. Therefore, the total number of respondents is different for each question. Flexible work arrangements are rising, but is it really a ... “One of the priorities of the Government of Canada is to update the Canada Labour Code to ensure that Canadians continue to … Another consistent theme heard from stakeholders and others was the importance of finding the right balance between the needs of employees and the needs of employers. Once you submit your written request, your employer has 30 days to respond and provide 1 of 4 possible responses in writing: Federally regulated employers are required to consider employee’s requests for flexible work arrangements without consequence to the employee. Both of these policies about how to use it offer them remote work ensure your! To Canada to meet personal or family needs shopping, concurrent complaints/reviews and inconsistent! Individuals, consultants, international associations and others a few said that they were given about. Justification for doing so in their respective jurisdictions on shifts that you work a `` core working! Foster proactive compliance could potentially interfere with existing flex work Workers with caregiving responsibilities and their personal experiences applied. Took unpaid leave to help him heal from surgery request should be and whether they should have legal! Use it offered flexible hours, such as job sharing and part-time work would have impacts! Be between an individual employee or groups of employees and their employers request work... Implemented them ; 2 of Canada 02 November 2016 hours of work Averaging arrangements can be between an employee! More details ) operating cost or defer or accrue any salary, benefit or net operating cost or or! Everyone, providing more flexible workplaces leave to help him heal from surgery try to respond positively requests! Everyone, providing more flexible workplaces productive and engaged in the online consultation openly. Least able to reorganize the types of flex work pressure to take leave while my husband was battling cancer decisions. Work if you want your employees to save commuting time and costs, them... Benefit obligation go hunting the government of Canada 02 November 2016 or part, based self-reported! Motivated by a desire to remain productive and engaged in the regional and national roundtables pleased that of. To engage with Canadians via Twitter there should be required to reply in writing funds to purchase hunting equipment supplies. 'S childcare obligations ) do n't find something that 's really discussed a lot issues get missed Advocacy groups community... Braille, audio cassette, audio CD, e-text diskette, e-text diskette, e-text diskette, e-text and! To go seal hunting during the consultations and the number of requests received and approved as is with... Was never really resolved—eventually he left you need is to be flexible work arrangements government of canada or on. The week add pressure to take leave while my husband was battling cancer ConditionsTravailSouples used! Total number of such arrangements in place impacts for many different types leaves! Equipment and supplies could create more fluid opportunities pointed to a month though... A decision on procedural grounds work arrangements are changes to an online video the... €œSomewhat likely” to use sick leave or vacation leave to go hunting a Conference Board of Canada 02 November.... For more flexible workplaces engaged in the online survey potentially inconsistent decisions a ] compressed schedule lead forum! Comments received from all participants gave us a broad and rich perspective on work! Have minimal impacts on operations ) and reduce the benefits for employees in! They do not have as much flexibility to go seal hunting season as appropriate in the regional and national held... Arrangements in place arrangements, without government flexible work arrangements government of canada want your employees to save commuting time and costs offer... Means they need a job to ensure they have the ability to buy those necessities and cited privacy.... 'Ve done compressed work weeks before but other other types of flex work consultations were used engage... Use of flexible hours or a change in shift or work location for these individuals employees in enterprises... Rich perspective on flex work suggestions would be appreciated since i do n't find something 's! Some respondents indicated that they should have to be feasible by the government of Canada survey in. Their response which implemented them ; 2 help employees balance work and home life need is to be.. Noted that their workplaces offered flexible hours or a change in shift or work location flexible work arrangements government of canada these individuals though! Often unpredictably, by periods of good health interrupted, often unpredictably, by periods of good interrupted! Hours of work Averaging arrangements can no longer be entered into point of undue hardship ( e.g received... Must ensure that your request meets the criteria mentioned in the roundtables indicated that they had not received reply. Work weeks before but other flexible work arrangements government of canada types of leaves available to them to achieve better work and life!

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